The Complete Management Solution

The Complete Management Solution

Building Healthier Communities

The new collaboration with imin builds on Legend’s existing OpenActive capabilities. Alongside publishing open data on available classes, activities, and facilities on third party platforms to make it easier for people to find these, the integration also now enables seamless booking, for both new customers and existing members, all without leaving the platform.  

Legend and imin deliver UK’S first full OpenActive solution – making finding and booking physical activities more accessible for all. Find out how to get involved! 

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The Complete Management Solution

Increase Footfall & Revenue with the Legend OpenActive Integration

“This first full OpenActive integration demonstrates what can be achieved through collaboration. While we have industry-wide consensus that open data and open standards are the right direction of travel, to have reached a point where people can now search and book a physical activity as easily as they can a hotel, is a huge achievement. Everyone deserves easy access to physical activities in their local area.”

Nishal Desai, Co-founder imin

Reach More People & Get More Bookings

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In addition to facilitating easy-to-use, online activity bookings, Legend customers will benefit from increased footfall and revenue, and the ability to reach new and diverse customers. 

Using the Legend-imin collaboration, local healthcare and social prescribing organisations will also be able to direct members of communities to your services, enabling people to more easily find and book activities at your facility.  

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